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Applies To

  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.3 to 11.2 and LemonTree 1.6 and above

Support article by PTC

  • How to configure Third Party Difference and Merge Tools in Integrity Lifecycle Manager
  • How to configure a custom Merge Tools in Integrity Lifecycle Manager
  • How to configure a custom Difference Tool in Integrity Lifecycle Manager

This article describes how to configure external differences and merge tools auch as LemonTree in configuration management of Integrity Lifcecycle Manager:

PTC Support Article (Login required)

Important to know:

  • Diff functionality: Here you can specify the extension (eap/eapx) and Integrity takes Lemontree for changes
  • Merge functionaility: Here you cannot specify the file extension or Integrity ignores this setting.taht means, it is only possible to configure only one merge tool. So you have switch if checking in different file types. Currently, a possible solution would be to include a batch scripts, which handles this.

The following options configure the Integrity Client:

Download config file: IntegrityClientSite.rc

Basic configuration in GUI:

It is important to set the "Diff Tool Options" to "Integrity Visual Difference Tool".

Note: Integrity then takes LemonTree for eap/eapx. If you set LemonTree as a third party difference tool, then LemonTree will always be used, which makes no sense for text files or source code files.

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