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LemonTree Web Installation


Before installing LemonTree Web, please ensure that the Internet Information Service (IIS) is set up on your server, and that the required features are activated. You can find a list of required features on this page:

LemonTree Web IIS Setup


  1. Uninstall older versions of LemonTree Web 
  2. Execute the LemonTree.Web.exe setup. A link is automatically created on your desktop.

(Haken) Congratulations: LemonTree Web now works with .eap Files. Just double-click the Icon on your desktop.

To compare/merge databases the corresponding drivers need to be installed on the server machine.

Make sure to delete the browser cache on the client so the new LemonTree Web files are loaded. (This is not necessary if caching is disabled on IIS).

Using LemonTree Web

To use LemonTree Web, navigate to the location you've configured in IIS for LemonTree Web.
In a default installation, this will be http://localhost/LemonTreeWeb as seen from the server itself. The publicly accessible URL depends on your IIS configuration or any reverse proxy you might employ.

Apart from the difference in starting LemonTree vs. LemonTree Web, both products can be used almost identically.

Prepare database comparison and merging


  1. Download and install both of the following drivers on your machine:

    1. mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win32.msi
    2. mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-winx64.msi


      These are old drivers on purpose. We are distributing these ones because the newer MySql drivers have been unreliable in our tests.

  2. Start LemonTree

  3. Choose "ODBC" in the dropdown and copy the whole connection string (starting with Driver=) into the Session Dialog
  4. Press "Continue"

(Haken) Congratulations: You're now diffing/merging MySQL DBs.


For OLEDB you need to install Oracle-Database drivers.

(Fehler)(Warnung) This is highly sophisticated. Please contact your system administrator or oracle help page.

Additional Info

  • Don't close browser, LemonTree Web is not able to recover the old state.
  • Depending on the connection LemonTree Web GUI responses can take some time (especially when dealing with big models and a lot of changes)
  • ODBC connections to SQL Servers can only be established with the "SQL Server Native Client" data source type, not with the "SQL Server" data source type.


If LemonTree Web is not running check following points:

Ensure that LemonTree Web is configured as an Application in the IIS Manager (Start / Run / inetmgr.exe)

IIS Manager

application Host

Ensure that the respective Web.config has the correct path to the DBStub.exe defined

web config