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New Session Dialog (LemonTree Web)

The "New Session Dialog" is the entry point for LemonTree Web.


It is available under the following URL:



The design of the New Session Dialog in LemonTree Web is a replica of the New Session Dialog in LemonTree Desktop.
It looks like this:

New Session

Available Data Sources

The main difference between the New Session Dialog for LemonTree Desktop and LemonTree Web is that the latter offers access to a variety of different data sources:

  • (EAP File) EAP files on the local harddrive
  • (Oledb) Database model accessed via an oledb driver/connection string
  • (Odbc)¬†Database model accessed via an odbc driver/connection string
  • (Path) EAP files stored on a predefined folder accessible by the hosting server¬†

You can choose a different type of data source for each model

Further Details

For more details on the features offered by the New Session Dialog, please visit the main help page here:

New Session Dialog