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OpenMbee MMS Connector Dialog

The "New Session Dialog" is one possible entry point for LemonTree Web OpenMbee MMS.


It is available under the following URL:



When accessing the connector dialog, you are prompted for your credentials. These credentials will be used to determine the available organizations/projects/branches, as well as to access to the data for the actual diff.

The authentication token is valid for a fixed amount of time, during which you do not need to re-enter your credentials. Once this authentication token has expired, you will be prompted again.


The connector dialog looks like this:



The first choice you need to make is the organisation whose data you want to diff. The rest of the dialog is populated according to this choice.


Afterwards, your next choice is between a 2-Way and a 3-Way-Comparsion:

  • In a 2-Way-Comparison, two branches A and B are compared to each other.

  • In a 3-Way-Comparison, the two branches are interpreted as having a common ancestor "base"

A more detailed explanation is available on the "Getting Started" help page, which is available here: 


Your next choice is which projects of which you want to compare individual branches.

You can choose the same project each time, or entirely different ones for each.


Your final choice is the actual branch of each respective selected project you want to compare. 

You can choose the same branch each time, or entirely different ones for each.