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Provided Features

LemonTree Features

Show Inconsistencies

LemonTree EA Addin shows the list of inconsistencies of the loaded model. See Manually Resolving Inconsistencies for details.

Outlook: Depending on the type of inconsistency future releases will provide possibilities to

  • Navigate to the inconsistencies in EA
  • Delete inconsistencies
  • Repair inconsistencies
  • ...

Compare with...

Compares the current loaded model with any other model selectable via File Dialog with LemonTree Desktop.

Git Features

Git Pull

Get's the latest changes from the remote repository.

Git Commit and Push

Commits the changes in the working tree to the local GIT repository and pushes the changes to the remote GIT repository afterwards.

Git Diff

Diffs the working copy of the model with the latest commit in the local GIT repository.

Git Show Log

Shows the history of the model in the current branch.


When selecting two revisions and clicking the "Compare" button, the revisions will be compared with LemonTree.

Git Switch To

Provides the possibility to switch to any other branch of the repository.