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Specification Editor

The specification editor can be used to:

  • define components in your model
  • visualize dependencies between both components and EA packages¬†

Specification Editor


Component Visualization

The Specification Editor visualizes the connection between the specified components (indicated with folder icons, listed on the left) and packages (indicated with document icons, listed on the right).

Additionally, the center pane visualizes the dependencies which exist between the components.

Creating New Components

You can create new components via the "Create" button in the top menu.

Editing Existing Components

You can edit all metadata of an existing component via the "Edit" button.

It is currently not possible to modify the packages contained within a component. This is a feature which is still under development.


You can specify your component as read-only during creation. Alternatively, you can also switch the read-only status of a component later on via the "edit" dialog.


This information is stored in a separate root-package called "MPMS Specification and Configuration".