Behavior of AUTOSAR components are modeled on a AUTOSAR Behavior Diagram. After you have created an AUTOSAR component, you can add an AUTOSAR Behavior element as container for your bahvior model.

  1. add an AUTOSAR Behavior Element to your AUTOSAR Diagram
  2. rename the element
  3. add an Part Association connector from the Behavior Element to the AUTOSAR Component element to express, that the Behavior element is part of the Component
  4. with the Enterprise Architect functionality in the Behavior Element context menu New Diagram -> Add Diagram... you can add an AUTOSAR Behavior sub-diagram.
  5. model the internal behabior using Runnables, Inter-Runnable-Variables etc. on the AUTOSAR Behavior Diagram 

Behavior - Supports Multiple Instantiation

Each AUTOSAR Behavior Element has a tagged value to set if the element can be instantiated multiple times

Runnable - Can Be Invoked Concurrently

If a Runnable can be invoked concurretly, you can use the provided tagged value to set tis feature. If a Runnable can be invoked concurrently the arrow symbol in the top right corner is filled blue, else it is not filled 

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