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Types of Licenses

There are 3 types of licenses available for Embedded Engineer:

The first step is to choose the license type you would like to use. When you start Enterprise Architect with the newly installed extension you will be prompted to choose the appropriate license type. You can also change it afterwards in the Extensions Menu under

LieberLieber Embedded Engineer 2.0 → Licensing  Change License Settings....

If you already purchased a license use Full-Version, otherwise you are able to activate a 90 days Trial Version of Embedded Engineer.

License Selection

Single User License - Full Version

If you purchased a Full-Version with a serial key, please choose the Activate using Serial Key option.

After pressing the button you will be asked to restart Enterprise Architect. Next you have to activate the product described at Activation Methods

Shared / Floating License - Full Version

Please carefully read

Trial Version 

By choosing Trial-Version you will activate Embedded Engineer with a trial license that enables you to use this tool with the full feature set for 90 days. You have to provide your information for Trial-Version.

License Activation

Activation Method

Normally you can activate the product by using Online Activation. In case this is not possible due to proxy restrictions in your domain or for other reasons, you can activate the product by using E-Mail Activation

Online Activation

With this method the product directly communicates with our server to register and activate your license.

If this method doesn't work for you, please try E-Mail Activation.

E-Mail Activation

Due to restrictions by using a proxy server or for other reasons you can try e-mail activation. Please provide your data and make sure to enter the correct e-mail address in order to receive the activation key. After you provided your user information, your e-mail client will be opened. A new e-mail with subject "Productactivation of Embedded Engineer - Trial License." will be created for you containing all necessary information. Simply send the mail as provided. Our server will process your activation request within a few minutes. Once the process is finished, you will receive an e-mail with an activation key which has to be applied. If something didn't work as expected, you can click Activate Again and restart the Activation process.

After you provided a valid Activation Key, your product will be activated successfully. Completing the activation. In the next step you have to provide your User Information so we can associate the license with your information. If you want to activate a Full Version of the product, you also have to provide a valid Serial Key. If the provided information is correct and the Serial Key is valid and not used yet, your product should have been activated successfully.

Information to provide for Full-Version

To register a full version please provide your name and company name, e-mail address and the serial key you received.

Full-Version Activation

Information to provide for Trial-Version

To register a trial version please provide your name and company name and your e-mail address.

 Trail-Version Activation

Additional Keys

In order to apply additional keys to your license, for example if you want to extend your Trial-Version, follow the next steps to apply them to your product license.

  1. Open the License Information Dialog 
    Extensions → LieberLieber Embedded Engineer 2.0  Licensing  Show License Information...
  2. In the License Information Dialog click
    Apply Additional Key 
  3. Enter the additional key

If the key is valid, it will be added to extend your license.

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