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Sometimes it is not possible to use online activation and there is no e-mail client available on the machine you would like to activate the plug-in. After you have chosen the 2.6 and lower option you can activate the plug-in with the following steps:

  1. Choose E-Mail Activation and click the "Next" Button
  2. Enter your name, company and e-mail address. Take care to provide correct information.
  3. Copy the purchased serial key (not necessary for Trial-Version) and click the "Activate" Button
  4. Confirm the next message
  5. The plug-in tries to open your e-mail client. If a mail client gets opened, copy the mail and send it from a computer with internet access otherwise follow the steps below.
  6. If there only is the window "Opening Mailprogram ..." visible,

    please close the window with the red X in the upper right corner. A message "Could not perform this ..." will appear. If Enterprise Architect is already visible, please minimize it and find the message below. 
  7. Confirm the message box by pressing the ok button and the default browser will be opened. Copy the link (" of...") from the address bar 
  8. Create a mail at a computer with access to the internet and paste the link. Send the mail to with a subject like "Activation Request".
  9. We will provide you an activation key that you have to copy to the window which will appear and press "Apply Activation Key"


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