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Please take care to use the same UNC-Path while activating the plug-in in the Shared License Manager and the User Plug-In License Installation

1. Shared License Manager

In order to manage your Shared / Floating License you can use LieberLieber Shared License Manager. This tool allows you to create a new license file and activate your purchased licenses. It also shows you which user is currently using a license.

Use always the same UNC-Path for license activation with Shared License Manager and license usage with the Enterprise Architect plug-in!

The plug-in user needs read/write access to directory containing the license file!

1.1. Adding a License File

After starting Shared License Manager for the first time you have to download and share a new license file.

  1. Press the "Download and share a new license file" Button on the top left, select the LieberLieber Embedded Engineer 2 entry and press OK. 

  2. Select the UNC Path for the network shared folder where to save the file. This folder has to be accessible for all users which you want to use the shared license.

    UNC Path

    Take care to use an UNC Path (e.g. \\myServer\LieberLieberLicenses\EmbeddedEngineer2.lic) for this activation!

    Don't use a local path like 'C:\SharedFolders\LieberLieber\Licenses\EmbeddedEngineer2.lic'!


    Even if you are logged in on the server you have to use the UNC Path when activating the license file!

1.2. Activate your license

  1. Active your license by pressing the Activate button

    Please take care that you have chosen the right file path.
  2. Find additional information at Licensing → Activation Methods

2. User Plug-In License Installation

  1. Install the plug-in and start Enterprise Architect
  2. Choose Full-Version → Select shared license file
  3. UNC Path

    Take care to use the same UNC Path (e.g. \\myServer\LieberLieberLicenses\EmbeddedEngineer2.lic)) used at the activation of the license with the Shared License Manager!

    Set “Network path” to the UNC Path → Ok

Currently we got reported that in some cases the plug-in shows an error when starting Enterprise Architect, even if the plug-in got licensed correctly. Nevertheless the plug-in works correctly. We where able to reproduce the issue and are working on it.



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