The Enterprise Architect UI can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning.

Fortunately, you can drastically slim down the user interface.

Customizing the available MDG technologies

You can select the available modeling languages by selecting

Enterprise Architect older version: Extensions → MDG Technologies.

Enterprise Architect since version 14: Specialize → Technologies → Manage-Tech.

For Embedded Engineer, the only two technologies you'll need are

Basic UML® 2 Technology and LieberLieber Embedded Engineer

Customizing the available options in menus

Enterprise Architect older version:

You can drastically reduce the UI by selecting View → Perspectives...

Here you can select predefined perspectives, and create new ones. The most interesting part, however, is the option Menu Sets where you can deselect functionality you might not need. Only selecting the functionality you need on a day to day basis can drastically improve your efficiency when navigating menus, and makes it easy to discover the various functions.

 Enterprise Architect since version 14: 

Reduce the UI by selecting Start→ Desktop → Workspaces→ Select a Workspace

In the Workspace Layout dialog you then can proceed either choos from the existing Workspaces or creat your own Workspace/Rippon Set.

For more information, visit the Enterprise Architect User Interface Guide.

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