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AuthorUsed for filtering by AuthorAuthor: "Mr. LemonTree"Shows all elements where the author property contains "Mr. LemonTree"


Used for filtering by Change TypesChangeType: RemovedShows all removed elements
NameUsed for filtering by NameName: ConfigureShows all elements, where the name contains "Configure"

Sort By

Used for sorting by a keyword

ChangeType: Removed SORT BY: UmlTypeShows all removed elements, sorted by the UML Type


Used for filtering by StereotypeStereotype: BlockShows all elements with the stereotype "Block"
UmlTypeUsed for filtering by UML TypeUmlType: ActivityShows all Activites
GUIDUsed for filtering by GUIDGuid: {FB95A4B4-66F5-4e21-B8E0-22ADEE0BB15F} Shows element with GUID.New in LemonTree 2.1.3
ChangeInPossibility to filter for changes in specific properties of elementsChangeIn: CodeShows elements where the property "Code" has changed.New in LemonTree 2.1.3

Logical Operands

ANDUsed for combining two logical expressions, where both have to be trueChangeType: Removed AND UmlType: ActivityShows all removed Activities
NOTUsed for negating a logical expressionNOT ChangeType: RemovedShows all elements, which were not removed
ORUsed for combining two logical expressions, where only one of them has to be trueChangeType: New OR ChangeType: RemovedShows all elements, which are either new or removed