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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


LemonTree provides the possibility to filter / sort  the Impacted Elements and Impacted Diagrams. A filter expression can be built from multiple logical expression and can be saved for later use. A suggestion list will provide keywords and predefined filters.

Basically, a filter is used to reduce the Impacted Elements and Impacted Diagrams to a specfic set of elements or diagrams. Every element or diagram, which matches a given filter expression will be shown. If an element or diagram is not matched by the filter or is needed for (hierarchical) visualization, the element or diagram will be grayed out.


Note: Also the grouping element "MainState" and "Signals" are shown (grayed out) because they have at least one child element with "Display" in its name.



Show All Diagrams, With Elements That Are Directly Changed (Not Child Modified)

  1. Before using a filter:

  2. The filter NOT #ChildModified is applied.

  3. Result:

    The Activity "main" is no longer matched by the filter. Since its grouping element is matching the filter, it is still displayed grayed out.

  4. The flag $OnlyMatchingChildElements is added to the filter expression.

  5. Result:

    The Activity "main", which was previously grayed out, is now hidden.

  6. The goal now is to also hide the diagram "Main". It is still displayed because Unmodified equals "NOT ChildModified".

  7. In order to hide the grouping diagram, the expression AND NOT #Unmodified has to be added.


    The expression has to be added before the flag $OnlyMatchingChildElements.

  8. Result:

    Only diagrams with directly changed child elements are displayed.

Final filter: NOT #ChildModified AND NOT #Unmodified $OnlyMatchingChildElements


Hide Elements, Which Were Already Reviewed

  1. Before the filter:

  2. Enter the filter "NOT #Reviewed".

  3. Result:

    The child element of the CallOperation "WriteLL" is grayed out, because it was already reviewed.

  4. If you want to reduce the list to elements, which were not reviewed, the flag $OnlyMatchingChildElements needs to be added.

  5. Result:

    The reviewed connector is now hidden.

Final filter: NOT #Reviewed $OnlyMatchingChildElements 


Hide Elements, Where Only the DiagramRepresentation Was Modified

  1. The filter #Modified is already set:

  2. However, there are two elements which are only modified in their Diagram Representation.

  3. To hide them, add the flag $HideGraphicalChanges to the end of the filter expression.

  4. Result:

    The two elements with the graphical modifications are now hidden.