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ShapeScripts may be used to create an own visualization of elements/connectors in Enterprise Architect. ShapeScripts are defined in an own language and explained on the help-page of Sparx Systems.

LemonTree also interprets this ShapeScripts and draws the elements as defined. However, the description language is some kind of generic and LemonTree tries to interpret that correctly. We estimate that LemonTree 2.2 visualizes 80% of the ShapeScripts as expected. Improvement of the visualization of ShapeScripts is an ongoing task. So every LemonTree release will improve on that.

We have taken a closer look into built-in ShapeScripts of EA like
  • BPMN 2.0
  • SysML
  • Archimate (LemonTree release 2.2.2)
Next steps will be
  • ToGAF
  • Data Modeling Diagram
  • Project Managment
  • Mind Mapping
  • ...

If you are not satisfied with the visualization of special ShapeScripts or self-written ShapeScripts please contact us, we're looking foreward to improve on that.

Tagged Values and Profiles

In the Property Viewer, LemonTree lists different kind of properties of elements in categories.

  1. "Element Properties": Properties of elements/connectors that are defined in UML. For example: Name, Stereotype, Alias, ...
  2. "EA Specifics 1.0": Additional properties that are not defined in UML but used in Enterprise Architect. For example: Author, Pos (in Tree Browser), StyleEx, ...
  3. "<Profile Name>": Tagged Values from profiles: When using profiles it is possible to define TaggedValues. These TaggedValues are grouped to their profile and have an own category in the Properties Viewer. For example: "isEncapsulated" from profile "SysML 1.5::block"
  4. "<another Profile Name>"

Since it's not always possible to retrieve the connection between the TaggedValue and it's profile from the model we created a file "TaggedValueMap.txt" that explicitly maps the TaggedValues to their profiles. So if you see "no profile" in the Property Viewer where you expect the TaggedValue to be listed in a profile it's very likely that the "TaggedValueMap.txt" needs an extension.

LemonTree reads the profiles that are represented

  1. in the model
  2. in the EA MDG folder