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This is the repository where our changes shall ultimately end up, but which will not be modified while we're still working on our changes.

1. Create a new


Feature Branch

1.1 Create the Branch

To create a new feature branch directly from "develop", navigate to the "Branch/tag" option in the TortoiseSvn context menu:


Enter the name of the feature branch in the dialog that appears.

1.2 Switch to the Feature Branch

After confirming the creation of the branch, you are informed that you still need to switch to the created feature branch, so that your changes are stored in the feature branch and not directly in develop. To do so, select the option in the TortoiseSvn context menu:


and select the name you've just given to your feature branch in the dropdown-list:

Confirm by clicking "OK".

2. Update my Feature Branch from „develop“


After the conflict has been resolved by LemonTree, click the "Mark as resolved" option to close the dialog.

2.3 Commit Changes

Afterwards, commit the changes to the feature branch.

3. Move feature branch to "develop"

3.1 Perform Review

Once work on the feature branch has been concluded, the results are checked by colleagues/reviewers before being returned to "develop".


Afterwards - to actually bring the changes back from the feature branch to develop, we will perform another merge. This one is similar, but not identical to when we're updating the feature branch with the latest changes from develop.

Switch to Develop

Before we can actually perform the merge, we need to switch back to the develop branch.

To do so, select the option in the TortoiseSvn context menu:

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and select the name of your develop branch in the dropdown list.

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Confirm by clicking "OK".

Merge Changes

To do so, start the "Merge" option:


If the changes could be brought back to develop without any conflicts, commit them now.

4. Delete Feature branch

The only thing left to do at this point is to delete the feature branch.