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The sub-pages of this page detail the process of integrating LemonTree into a number of existing version control systems.However, please note that the


The help pages are split based on the version of LemonTree you are using. LemonTree 2.6.1 introduces the LemonTree Starter -  an addiitonal executable providing additional features for VCS integration. Therefore, the described VCS integration setups for LemonTree Version 2.6.1 or newer describe how to utilize the LemonTree Starter. You still have the option of invoking LemonTree directly as with previous versions, however.

Command Line Options

Code Block
LemonTree.exe [options]

Command Line Options:

		interactive diff mode, used to diff certain models

		automated merge mode. Merges the files when there are no conflicts, starts the UI when there are.

		visual merge mode. Always starts the UI giving the user an opportunity to override the default merge.

-b, --base=
		the common base version of the models
		other common names $BASE 

-t, --theirs=
		the 'theirs' version of the model, often called 'A'
		other common name: $REMOTE

-m, --mine=
		the 'mine' version of the model, often called 'B'
		other common name: $LOCAL

-o, --out=
		the resulting model, will be overwritten if it exists.
		other common name: $MERGED
-w, --wait
		when performing an automatic merge, waits for user confirmation after success/failure when LemonTree didn't start the UI.


If you want to configure LemonTree as external diff & merge tool please click here, please refer to the appropriate sub-page for you used Git Tool(s) and your LemonTree version.

Exit codes

The following exit codes are provided by Lemon Tree: