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If you can't see the session dialog, use the Hamburger Menu Image Removed Image Added in the top left and select New Session...


2.3 Diagram Viewer


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The Diagram Viewer is used to display the diagrams of both models. Elements are highlighted as well and the diagram is interactive - selecting an element in the diagram makes the model browser select that element, such that you can quickly pinpoint changes in the model.
Use the diagram by using the Pan and Zoom gestures (Mouse-Button + Drag for Pan, Mousewheel for Zoom).

There is the possibility to make the comparison of diagrams easier:

  • Diagrams → Synchronize
    Image Removed
    Image Added

By Selected Element: Synchronize the selected element and zoom level of both diagrams. Irrespective of the elements location (it might have changed between diagram versions), Sync Element will center the selected element in both diagrams.

By Pan and Zoom: Synchronize the pan (location) and zoom level of both diagrams

No Sync: No synchronization

2.4 Property Viewer


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The Property Viewer shows the properties of a selected elements. You can review changes on property level of elements. You have the possibility to take single properties from "A" or "B" and edit some properties.

There is the possibility to show

  • all properties
  • only the changed properties

Find more details on the page Property Viewer.


You can do this by using the small buttons with angle brackets Image Removed Image Added in the Tree Browser. Using such a button instructs LemonTree to prefer that version over the other. It will also respect the dependencies and additional linked elements so that the selected element will be complete in the merged model. After performing this action, elements where the user decision differs from the pre-selected decision will be marked with a little hand icon Image RemovedImage Addedright next to them.