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LT LemonTree Release 1.5 introduced a new grouping of differences in the Impacted Elements view.


As you can see in the example the attributes/operations/connectors are now grouped to in the classparent element. When expanding the class element the attributes/operations/connectors are listed.


  • The list in Impacted Elements is shorter and better grouped.
  • Better overview where elements really belong to (for example: Connectors are listed in their classifier source element next to each other).
  • Easy to see which element has which modification (Removed/Modified/Added) in which branch.
  • Easily find out on which diagrams the changed element is visible.



Searching Filtering in the Impacted Elements list also searches in filters the sub-elements of the classifiersparent elements, making it easy to find specific elements.

See also Filtering Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams


The grouping in the Impacted Diagrams groups the elements that are visible on the diagram as child elements of the diagram.