If the "Connecting to Visual Studio" dialog does not show your currently running Visual Studio instance might have the following reasons:

  1. The Visual Studio Extension is not installed.
  2. Visual Studio is running in another user context (especially as administrator).


  1. Check if the Visual Studio extension is installed and enabled:
    1. Check if the following file is present in the UmlDebugger installation path: LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix
      (default installation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\LieberLieber\EmbeddedEngineer[version]\UMLDebugger)

    2. If the vsix file is missing restart the Embedded Engineer setup and add the Visual Studio Debugger feature:

      1. Start msi file
      2. Select "Change"
      3. Check that the following feature is enabled:
        UmlDebugger  Debugger Access Plugins  Visual Studio Debugger
    3. Make sure the LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix is installed and enabled for your Visual Studio 

      1. Open Visual Studio

      2. Goto Menu: Tools → Extensions and Updates... → Installed

      3. if the extension LieberLieber UmlDebugger Extension is missing execute the LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix file.
      4. if the extension LieberLieber UmlDebugger Extension is disabled enable it.
  2. Check if Visual Studio and UmlDebugger run in the same user context:
    Look at the title bar of your Visual Studio instances if the title looks like  ..... - Microsoft Visual Studio (Adminstrator) you need to start the UmlDebugger with the option "run as adminstrator"

Visual Studio Extension

The Visual Studio extension supports the following Visual Studio versions/editions:

Visual Studio 201010


Visual Studio 201211


Visual Studio 201312Pro, Community
Visual Studio 201514Pro, Community
Visual Studio 201715Enterprise, Pro, Community

Visual Studio 2017

During installation of the Visual Studio extension in Visual Studio 2017 you might get an error:

The following extensions are not compatible with Visual Studio 2017. Installation may cause Visual Studio to be unstable.

The extension was tested with Visual Studio 2017 and no problems where found.

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