When examining the code generated from your model, you might stumble upon function calls or other statements and expressions which contain #error directives.

This text means that the code generator could not determine a value for the element at hand. This might happen for operation calls, but could also happen with other constructs in your model. Usually this means that your Model is not complete, and that the value of the expression isn't available in the model, so the code generator can't do anything about this.

If you have such lines in your generated code, examine the model carefully. The error directive usually contains a hint which gives more information about the error.

For example, if the code generator generated a function call for an operation in your model, make sure that you supplied the method call all required parameters, or that you specified default values for all missing parameters for the operation. To specify a value for a call to an operation, use the Default Value field in the Parameters section of an operation:

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