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When creating a new element via Enterprise Architect, a lot of properties have default values. However, this behavior changed over time and Enterprise Architect releases.

So when working on a model for long time with different versions of EA there can be elements of the same type where some have a default value and others don't.

When LemonTree compares and merges elements of specific types it corrects some of the default values according to the later Enterprise Architect release where the property has a default value.

These elements/properties are:

Element typePropertyOld default valueCorrected default value




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Other data corrections

Sometimes EA produces incorrect/contradictory information. LemonTree corrects them as follows:

Element typePropertyOld valueNew valueDescription
ActivityHasCompositeDiagramtruefalseWe've seen a rare example that the flag "HasCompositeDiagram" is set to "true" in a model (EAExample) even when there is no composite diagram available and the element itself is on no diagram. LemonTree corrects that to "false". The property itself is most probably only responsible for the check "Composite" in the context menu of the element which is misleading in this case because it is wrong.
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