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Where do I find the logfiles of LemonTree?

Logfiles can be downloaded via the burger menu.

They can also be found in %appdata%\LieberLieber\LemonTree\logs

LemonTree is slow, what can I do to improve performance?

LemonTree needs strong hardware to quickly load, diff and merge models. We recommend a recent middle-class CPU (i5, Ryzen, Xeon E3 at the time of writing), paired with a copious amount of RAM (16GB in Dual Channel configuration). LemonTree parallelizes its most demanding tasks, so these are the most important metrics for LemonTree to run fast:

  1. Number of physical cores
  2. Speed of those cores
  3. Available memory
  4. Memory bandwidth

If you're running LemonTree on virtualized hardware, make sure to allocate enough resources for the VM. LemonTree does not perform well on machines with one core, or less than 4GB of RAM.

Loading the models from eap project files has an inherent cost attached which can't be significantly reduced with better hardware. Don't expect big performance gains from server class hardware.

We're testing the LemonTree Releases with several testmodels. Results can be found here: Performance and Memory

The horizontal scrollbars are missing in the Tree Browser. How can I scroll horizontally?

The GUI of LemonTree is a HTML-GUI. So the features of HTML are available.

Use "Shift" and the wheel of the mouse to scroll horizontally.

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