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Release Date

LemonTree 2.6.1 was released on April 17, 2020.

LemonTree 2.6 was released on March 13, 2020.

What's New

Diff and MergeImproved feedback during the initial load of the model (the 0 - 10 % phase of the diff)2.6.1
VCS Integration

LemonTree now includes a separate LemonTree Starter Exe, which solves two major problems when integrating LemonTree into Git via the .gitconfig or similar mechanisms:

  • Configuring LemonTree as a mergetool in a Git LFS environment
  • Configuring LemonTree to only diff/merge specific file extensions

Details are available here: 

LemonTree Starter

The guides on integrating LemonTree directly into Git have also been updated (they are available here: Using LemonTree with git)

UI - Diagram ViewerReset diagram now also resets the zoom level2.6.1
UI - Diagram ViewerZoom/Pan is no longer propagated when synchronizing "by selected element"2.6.1
UI - FilteringFiltering updates the change numbers in the tree2.6.1

Addin - Git FeaturesThe LemonTree Enterprise Architect Addin now uses the installed Git Client.
This means that the available connection/authentication types now depend only on your local git settings, and are no longer limited by the Addin.
Should there be no installed Git Client on the local machine, the Addin will still use its included git client
Addin - Git FeaturesClearer error messages have been introduced for edge cases when switching branches, such as switching to a branch that doesn't contain the model2.6.0
Addin - Git FeaturesThe LemonTree Enterprise Architect Addin now logs far more information, which will help us track down the remaining issues2.6.0
Diff And MergeLemonTree now diffs and merges the Notes of Tagged Values. You can also manually edit the tagged value note, just like other properties.
To do so, navigate to a tagged value in the property viewer, and click the toggle to switch between "Value" and "Note" mode.
SetupLemonTree can now be installed to a directory of your choice2.6.0
Automation EditionThe console output now indicates the number of conflicts detected during the diff.2.6.0

Fixed Issues

Diff and MergePreviously unhandled custom properties of elements (stored in XRef entries) are now diffed and merged. This includes the OwningRegion of states, which is needed to preserve the assignment of states to regions.2.6.1
Diff and MergeQualifierValues are now diffed and merged 2.6.1
Diff and MergeCode generation templates are now merged2.6.1
LicensingSwitching from a user to a floating license now correctly checks out a license from the server and vice versa.2.6.1
StartupLemonTree no longer takes multiple minutes to start when diffing merging files in VCS repos with large numbers of commits2.6.1
UI - Diagram Viewer

The "de-sync" after zooming in/out the first time after opening a diagram is fixed

UI - Diagram ViewerCenter Selected Element works in "Synchronize -> By Pan and Zoom" mode or "Synchronize -> No Sync" mode again.2.6.1

Addin - Git FeaturesPulling with uncommited changes in the Enterprise Architect model will now correctly show an error instead of the "Pull successful" message2.6.0
Diff & MergeClassifiers of ports set with EA 15 are now merged correctly2.6.0
LicensingLicensing now also works on systems with Unicode-Characters in the username (such as korean characters).2.6.0
UI - TreeThe tree now scrolls to an element selected in one of the lists to show the selected element2.6.0
UI - TreeElements/Diagrams with names containing < or > are now correctly rendered in the tree2.6.0
UI - Diagram RenderingEdge Cases of unrenderable diagrams containing Unicode-Characters have been resolved2.6.0
UI - FilteringThe "Recent filters" list no longer immediately reappears after activating a filter via the Enter-Button2.6.0
Web EditionPaths to uploaded files no longer show the directories2.6.0

Known issues

Web EditionThe Web Edition cannot merge DBMS sources into an EAP(X) file2.6.1

Performance & MemoryVersion 2.6.0 has increased the performance of diffing and merging, but might consume more memory than version 2.5.0 depending on your model.
For more details, please refer to this page: Performance and Memory

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Project Tasks/Issues (Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)"
  • EA Security: Configure → Security

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