The LemonTree Web OpenMbee MMS Edition is a specialized version of LemonTree Web Edition, which has additional capabilities to diff data stored in an OpenMbee system (for more details on OpenMbee, please visit

The following features distinguish the LemonTree Web OpenMbee MMS Edition from the regular LemonTree Web Edition:

  • A custom connector dialog which is able to start a diff directly with data stored in an OpenMbee System.
    For details, please visit this help page: OpenMbee MMS Connector Dialog
  • An additional data source for the regular session dialog, which can be used to diff OpenMbee data stored in .json files
    For details, please visit this help page: New Session Dialog (LemonTree Web OpenMbee MMS)

All other features are identical to the LemonTree Web Edition.

As such, the installation and licensing instructions for the LemonTree Web Edition apply to this edition as well.
This information is available here: LemonTree Web Edition 

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