Sometimes we need to have includes, attribures, nested elements or other features in a specific order to compile correctly.

To accomplish this you have the following options:

Enterprise ArchitectMagicDraw


Select the element and use the "Move elememnt up/down" buttons at the top of the Project Browser.

(Enterprise Architect 15)


Open the Feature tab and open the context menu selecting the Feature to move.
Then use the "Move up/down" entry.

(Enterprise Architect 15)

MagicDraw only allows ordering of Attribures and Operations.

This is done directly in the Specification dialog by selecting either Attribures or Operations 
and then the "Up/Down" buttons at the bottom.


(MagicDraw 19.0)

The Embedded Engineer contains a ordered Stereotype with a Pos Tagged Value sinde version 3.2.

This Pos Tagged Value can be used to order all other NamedElements.

The current implementation will sort:

  • By Pos numerically
  • Then by Name alphabetically
  • Allow duplicated Pos entries
  • Elements without a Pos Tagged Value will by default get default Pos of: 100.000 

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