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LieberLieber Embedded Engineer uses stereotypes and tagged values of Uml models to extend or clarify certain issue.

Default Stereotypes

StereotypeDescriptionAlso seeApplies to

Availability *

LL EmbeddedContains all possible & needed Tagged Values for code generation.PackagesPackage & Classboth2.5
no code generationDisables code generation for these packges/elements.Skip Code GenerationPackage & Classboth2.0
executable entry point

Generates an Entry Point to your application.

Classes - EntryPointClassboth2.0
publicGenerates a public activity function / classClassesClass & Activityboth2.0
privateGenerates a private activity function / classClassesClass & Activityboth2.0

Generates a singleton pattern for the class.

Classes - SingletonClassboth2.0
staticGenerates a static classClasses - Static ClassesClassboth2.0
staticGenerates a static function for an activity.Classes - Static ClassesActivityboth2.2
structGenerates a structure as part of another class.StructuresClassboth2.0
standard libGenerates a standard library include when linked with Usage connector.External LibrariesClassboth2.1
enumerationGenerates an enumeration using the class attributes.EnumerationsClassboth2.0
qobjectGenerates all code needed to use QObject features.Qt Core - QObjectClassC++ only2.1
declarationIf set with corresponding Pre/Suffix Tagged Values will generate specified pre/suffix for code partDeclarationsClass, Structures, Enumeration, Activities, Operation, Attributeboth2.6
signalsGenerates an enumeration to contain all state machine signals.SemanticsEnumerationboth2.0
qenumGenerates an QEnum to use as attribute within an QObject class.

Qt Core - QEnum

EnumerationC++ only2.1
requirementWhen realized or traced by a class, will generate a documentation link.RequirementsRequirementboth2.0
switchCaseChanges the generation of an "if..elseif.." block to an "switch case" blockConditional NodeConditionalNodeboth2.2
forLoopChanges the generation of a "while ..." loop to a "for ..." loopLoop and Loop NodeLoopNodeboth2.2


Ignores the operation name and generates a class constructor.OperationsOperationboth2.0
destructorIgnores the operation name and generates a class destructor.OperationsOperationC++ only2.1
qsignalGenerates Qt signal operation as an emitter when a particular event occurs.Qt Core - QSlot & QSignal OperationC++ only2.1
qslotGenerates Qt slot as an an operation that is called in response to a particular signal.Qt Core - QSlot & QSignal  OperationC++ only2.1
function preambleContains the FunctionPreambel Tagged ValuesOperations - FunctionPreamblesOperationboth2.0
volatileGenerates a volatile parameter for a functionOperations - ParametersParameter (Operation & Activity)both2.1
constGenerates a const parameter for a functionOperations - ParametersParameter (Operation & Activity)both2.1
CustomRefContains the ReferenceImp Tagged Value for parametersOperations - ParametersParameter (Operation & Activity)both2.1
typedefGenerates a type definition for a function pointerOperations - FunctionPointerOperationboth2.2
functionPointerGenerates an attribute for a function pointerOperations - FunctionPointerAttributeboth2.2
defineGenerates a #define declaration for the attribute applied to.Attributes - Defines


typedefGenerate a typedef fore the attribute applied to (use default value to redefine know types).Attributes - TypedefsAttributeboth2.0
readonlyGenerates a readonly attribute.Attributes - ReadonlyAttributeboth2.0
externGenerates an external attribute.AttributesAttributeboth2.0


Generates global include declaration (with brackets).DependenciesConnectorboth2.1
traceGenerates a documentation link to the traced requirement.RequirementsConnectorboth2.1
includeContains all possible Tagged Values for include / usage connectors.DependenciesConnectorboth2.5

Tagged Values

Tagged ValueDescriptionAlso seeApplies to

Availability *


The directory where the code will be generated to.

GenerationLanguageThe code language of the generated codePackagesPackageboth2.5
FileHeaderCustomize documentation file header.Custom DocumentationPackage & Classboth2.1
NoCodeGenDisables code generation for these packges/elements.Skip Code GenerationPackage & Classboth2.0
IncludePathAllows customization of the Include path (overrules "Generage Directory for Package" setting)
MethodHeaderCustomize documentation header for operations.Custom DocumentationPackage, Class & Operationboth2.1


Specifies where the Pre/Suffix shall be generated (in .c file, in .h file or in both)DeclarationsClass, Enumeration, Operation, Attributeboth2.6
PrefixOpaque code with which the selected element will be prefixed.DeclarationsClass, Enumeration, Operation, Attributeboth2.6
SuffixOpaque code with which the selected element will be suffixed.DeclarationsClass, Enumeration, Operation, Attributeboth2.6
FieldHeaderCustomize documentation header for attributes.Custom DocumentationPackage, Class & Attributeboth2.2
IncrementAllows to set the incremental part of a for-loop.Loop and Loop Node - For LoopStrutured Activity - LoopNodeboth2.2
ConditionAllows to set the condition part of a switch case.Conditional Node - Switch CaseStrutured Activity - Conditional Nodeboth2.2
ReferenceImplCustomize reference type of a field or parameter.Operations - ParametersAttribute & Parameter


FunctionPointerLinks operation typedef and functionPointer attribute togetherOperations - FunctionPointerAttribute


ClassifierBehaviorDefines the behavior for the executable entry point.Classes - EntryPointOperationboth2.0
Object IdentifierAdds a "@covers [value]" to the method header documentation.


FunctionPreambleAddes the value as directive or macro inf front of an operation.Operations - Function PreamblesOperationboth2.0
IncludeOrderAllows to order the Include lines defined by Usage connectors.
Connector (using)


UsingNamespaceAdd custom "using namespace" to Usage connectors.
Connector (using)C++ only2.1
CustomExtensionAllows the configuration of .hxx.hpp, ... includes of external libraries
Connector (using)both2.1

*  available for ANSI C and/or C++ code generator.

Preprocessor Directives Profile

StereotypeDescriptionTagged Values
DirectiveGeneric implementation to allow definition of custom preprocessor directives/macrosIncorporation, Expression, FlaggedCodeParts


Implementation of the directive: #includeIncorporation
lineImplementation of the directive: #lineIncorporation
defineImplementation of the directive: #defineIncorporation
undefImplementation of the directive: #undefIncorporation
ifImplementation of the directive: #ifIncorporation, FlaggedCodeParts
ifdefImplementation of the directive: #ifdefIncorporation, FlaggedCodeParts
ifndefImplementation of the directive: #ifndefIncorporation, FlaggedCodeParts
elifImplementation of the directive: #elifIncorporation, FlaggedCodeParts
elseImplementation of the directive: #elseFlaggedCodeParts
endifImplementation of the directive: #endif
errorImplementation of the directive: #errorIncorporation
pragmaImplementation of the directive: #pragmaIncorporation, FlaggedCodeParts
Tagged ValuesDescription
IncorporationSpecifies where the directive shall be generated (in .c file, in .h file or in both)
ExpressionA string value representing the expression/arguments of the directive
FlaggedCodePartsA list of model element (Class, Struct, Enum, Attribute, Operation) that shall be flagged with the directive.

See also

Preprocessor Directives