We require the Host ID of the target machines to provide you with LieberLieber Software Floating Licenses.

Please download and install the LieberLieber Software or the RLM license server provided by LieberLieber Software.

Desktop License - UI (Desktop only, Version 3.0.1 and up)

The Host Id is displayed in the license dialog. It's the first field in the "apply new license" tab.


Desktop License - Log-Files (Version 3.0.1 and up)

Every edition of LemonTree logs the client id.

Look for a log entry containing "Machine Host Id: " (no quotes).


Floating License - RLM Admin Web Interface

The server shows the Host ID in the admin web interface under "Systeminfo"


Floating License - Tool-Based

Determine the host ID by running rlmutil.exe with the parameter rlmhostid on the local machine.

The output should look something like this:

The host ID is the entire string after the colon, so in this case:

  • disksn=00523_B8_C1005B_BF.6

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The LieberLieber Support Team

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Telephone: +43 662 90600 2017
Telefax: +43 662 90333 3017
Email: support@lieberlieber.com
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