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LemonTree 1.4 is a maintenance release, with a focus on improving existing functionality.

What's New

(green star) New Feature      (star) Non-Critical Bugfix      (red star) Critical Bugfix

 IssueDescriptionIn Version
(green star)x86 BuildsLemonTree is now also available as x86 build, for machines and operating systems which do not support x64.1.4.842.14
(green star)Diagram-HighlightingA new way of highlighting changed elements in diagrams has been established.1.4.902.25
(green star)Link to element featureWe now support Link2Element feature1.4.906.29
(star)Representation of deleted elementsDeleted elements are now displayed with their name and type from the base version.1.4.842.14
(star)Diagram interaction buttonsBetter synchronization of both diagrams, focus button works now as expected1.4.842.14
(star)Scrolling issues in model treesScrolling was very slow on some client configurations and has been improved.1.4.842.14
(star)Model aliasesThe alias which can be configured at the start is now used throughout the UI instead of This and Theirs.1.4.842.14
(star)Tagged Value handlingTagged values are now first-class children of their owners, improving user experience when manually selecting elements.1.4.842.14
(star)Title in open file dialogs

The title for the open file dialogs now reflects the version which should be selected.

(star)Minor UI improvementsA few minor UI fixes have been made which make LemonTree nicer to use.1.4.842.14
(star)Dependent elementsThe handling of dependent elements has been improved to better reflect the user intention.1.4.842.14
(star)GUIDs with unusual formatsLemonTree can now handle elements with GUIDs that don't conform to the EA GUID style.1.4.842.14
(star)t_objectrequiresHandling of data from this table has been improved.1.4.842.14
(star)DiagramlinksDiagram links are now written correctly.1.4.902.25
(red star)Body of opaque actionsIn some circumstances, the body of opaque actions hasn't been written correctly. This is now fixed.1.4.842.14
(red star)Sequence diagramsImproved diffing and merging of sequence diagrams1.4.906.29
(red star)Take-buttonsThe buttons used for selecting elements are now working.1.4.842.14
(red star)Diagrams disappearDiagrams no longer disappear when moved to another package and the original package gets deleted.1.4.913.31
(red star)Kind of actionThe "kind" of an action is now merged and written as expected.1.4.913.31

Known Issues in 1.4


  • Highlighting of transitions and other connections which are perfectly straight makes the connection invisible instead of highlighting it. Fixed in 1.4.866.24
  • Diagramlinks are written incorrectly such that the last point in a path can't be read by Enterprise Architect. Fixed in 1.4.866.24


  • Diagram disappears when moved to another package: Diagrams disappear from object browser when they are located beneath an element and moved with the element to a new package and the old package gets deleted. They are still in the old package if it is not deleted. Fixed in 1.4.913.31


  • Legends are not working as expected
  • Deformed connectors after merge: Connectors of diagrams are sometimes deformed after merge. For example when moving all elements of the diagram.
  • Boundaries lose image link when writing.
  • Language property is not diffed and merged.

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