LemonTree 2.1 is a maintenance release with a focus on improving existing functionality.

LemonTree 2.1.0 was released on 07-02-2019.

LemonTree 2.1.1 was released on 20-02-2019.

LemonTree 2.1.3 will be released soon.

What's New

(green star) New Feature      (star) Non-Critical Bugfix      (red star) Critical Bugfix

(green star)Improved "New"-"New" scenario.LemonTree prior to 2.1.3 always reported a conflict when an element with the same GUID was new in both branches. Starting with release 2.1.3 LemonTree will compare the elements properties and won't report a conflict if the elements are equal. For example with .xmi imports elements can be new with the same GUIDs in both branches.2.1.3
(green star)Removed diagrams from "Impacted Elements List"Changed diagrams will no longer appear in the "Impacted Elements List". They still can be found in the "Impacted Diagrams List".2.1.3
(green star)Diagram generationWe improved the speed of diagram generation in the "Diagram Viewer".2.1.3
(green star)Improved filteringFilter now supports filtering for "GUID" and "ChangeIn". Take a look here: Filtering Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams.2.1.3
(green star)Recent filtersLemonTree stores recent filters in the suggestion box.2.1.3
(green star)Stereotypes in Tree BrowserLemonTree shows the Stereotypes of elements in the Tree Browser (as known from EA in Project Browser)2.1.3
(green star)Restructuring Burger MenuWe restructured the Burger Menu for better understanding.2.1.3
(star)Session filesAlso child elements are selected again when loading a session. In previous version the parent element has been selected.2.1.3
(star)Removed diagram type from listAlso in the Impacted Diagrams List the type of the diagram has been removed (similar to the elements in Impacted Elements List in version 2.1.0)2.1.3
(star)Support of scalingThere was an issue when the display had scaling activated.2.1.3
(star)LemonTree starting twiceIn some rare conditions LemonTree started twice. This is now fixed.2.1.3
(red star)Support of relative pathsLemonTree had problem when VCS integration delivered relative paths to the models. This is now fixed.2.1.3

(green star)Performance improvementWe improved performance on writing models. Also take a look here: Performance and Memory2.1.0
(green star)Extended session filesSession files also save selected elements from Impacted Diagram/Elements list.2.1.0
(green star)Icons in LemonTreeWe consolidated the icons of elements to look like in EA 13. We also found some icons which were displayed wrong (like "linked document").2.1.0
(green star)Editing of propertiesMore properties (like "Code") can be edited now. But we restricted others (like "ModifiedDate") where modifying makes no sense to us. If you miss the editing possibility for a special property please contact us.2.1.0
(green star)Displaying of UmlType/EaUmlType in Impacted Elements/Diagrams listsBecause of displaying too much information (like "UmlType" after the elements name) readability of the "Impacted lists" has suffered. We consolidated it: The type of the element is now visible via icon (like in EA). There is also a tooltip for the icon to retrieve the element type.2.1.0
(green star)Improvements of Tree BrowserThe Tree Browser provides better visual information where an element belongs to and which elements experienced what kind of changes in the merge preview.2.1.0
(green star)Moved elements visualizationWe removed the FullQualifiedName from the Property Viewer and replaced it with moved from/to indicators to improve understand better understand moved elements.2.1.0
(green star)Support of "Keywords"Keywords are now supported by LemonTree.2.1.0
(green star)"Session information" introducedThe new entry "Session Information" in the "Burger Menu" shows information about session like base model, session type and more.2.1.0
(green star)Automatic merge can be abortedWhen LemonTree is integrated in VCS it shows the dialog "LemonTree is thinking". Users can now abort this dialog.2.1.0
(green star)Position/size of UI componentsLemonTree now remembers the position/size of UI components (like Property Viewer, Tree Browser, ...).2.1.0
(green star)FIPS compliance

When implementations of cryptographic algorithms are not FIPS compliant on customer machines, LemonTree was not able to start. We now set enforceFIPSPolicy to "false". LemonTree doesn't use MD5/SHA-2 in a security relevant context.

(green star)Visualization of diagramsWe improved visualization of diagrams in Diagram Viewer.2.1.0
(star)Licensing improvementsLemonTree 2.0 introduced a new licensing component. LemonTree 2.1 provides better feedback and also fixes some minor issues.2.1.0
(star)Status of requirementsEA saves the "status" of requirements redundantly in the DB ("PDATA1" and "Status"). Depending on EA versions it can happen that this information is not consistent but conflicting. Older versions of LemonTree consolidated these fields. LemonTree 2.1 does not do that any more.2.1.0
(star)Improvement on stereotype handlingEA knows different ways to store stereotypes. LemonTree has been improved on assigning stereotypes to elements. This has impact when using profiles/MDG-technologies and visualization in the Properties Viewer.2.1.0
(star)New action types in EA 14EA 14 introduced new action types ("Reduce" and "Unmarshall") which older LemonTree versions did not know about. LemonTree 2.1 handles them correctly.2.1.0
(red star)Internal requirementsInternal requirements are cut off to 256 characters. This is fixed in LemonTree

Known issues

  • SaveFileDialog prompts twice when overriding a file (for example file dialog "Start Merge" and selecting an existing file). That does not happen on Windows builds prior to 10.0.17763. It seems to be a bug in .NET.
  • N-ary associations with navigability are not supported properly.
  • There is a problem when LemonTree is started via Commandline and relative paths. Working on the fix. Fixed in 2.1.3
  • LemonTree cannot start: Due to updating a component LemonTree requires a new version of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages which is not delivered with the setup with 2.1.0. We're currently working on a HotFix for it.
    A manual install of the package may be required if it's not on the system (it is installed with various types of software). Find the package here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Fixed in 2.1.1 Note: Problem still exists in LT 32Bit version.

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Default diagram
  • Project Tasks/Issues (Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)"
  • UML Types → Tagged Value Types
  • EA Security: Configure → Security
  • Testing