RLM Versions

RLM versions 14.2-15.0 do not allow you to run the service as an administrator. There are two options for you here:

  1. Using the "-iai" flag will allow running RLM as admin, but disables the web server.

  2. You can specify a separate user account (non-admin) to run the service as. We do recommend creating/using a service user account to run RLM. Installing a service on Windows requires admin permissions, and by default it will run the service as admin. Once you have created your service user account, you can have specify the service to run as this user either by:
    1. Use the -user username -password password parameters when creating the service. Note that on Windows, services expect the username format of domain\username. Or
    2. Once the service has been created, modify the service and change the "Log On User"