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LemonTree.Connect for Jama Connect


Currently LemonTree.Connect for Jama Connect is still work in progress. As the current version still has beta status it may contain bugs and not all functionality of the final product is integrated yet. If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvement, feel free to contact us. You can find a list of limitations here: Limitations due to beta version

Welcome on the help site of LemonTree.Connect for Jama Connect!

The help page documents features, system requirements, realease notes and FAQs of LemonTree.Connect for Jama Connect.


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Limitations due to beta version

As mentioned the LemonTree.Connect for Jama Connect is a beta version and therefore not all features are complete and run perfect for now. Limitations can be found in:

How do we handle diagram updates

Currently we do only detect graphical changes on diagrams. If only the name of e.g. a class has changed ("Class A" to "Class B") which does not change the drawing size of the elements, no changes were detected. Only when EA updates the Modified date of the diagram a change will be written.

Special case DateTime custom field

Using custom date field delivers a wrong date due timezone related problems. We are working on a fix together with Jama Software. This does not affect standard fields modifiedDate and createdDate.

Required fields in your Jama Connect item types

On export all required fields in your target item types need to be mapped, otherwise the export will not work.

Error Message

User without API permissions

Every user needs a creator license to have Jama Connect API Permissions!