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EA Addin Configuration

There are certain features that can be configured in a specific configuration file, found in the path %appdata%\LieberLieber\LemonTree.Connect.codebeamer\config.json.

The following table explains the different options that can be set.

Restoring the default configuration

If you accidentially destroy this file, remove it completely, restart EA, open any project and add a new codebeamer server configuration. This will create a new config file with default values.

Global Addin Settings

Setting Meaning Allowed Values
ServerList Contains a list of all configured codebeamer servers. This list shall not be updated in the JSON file. This list is written and read by the dialog "Configure codebeamer Server Settings"
DefaultServer Sets the default server. Refers to one of the configured server by the identifier. This list propety shall not be updated in the JSON file. This property is written and read by the dialog "Configure codebeamer Server Settings"
LocalListener Configures the local listener for an OIDC callback. Port: Any valid port
Timeout: Value in seconds
Response Page: Path the html file or valid URL
Autostart: true or false
WriteNavigationLinks Enables or disable the writing of navigation links during exports. Those links are used to jump from an exported element in codebeamer to the original element in EA. Default is true. true or false
SuppressUpdateAvailableInfo Suppresses the "Update available" information shown in the main menu of LemonTree.Connect, if a newer version was released. Default is false. true or false
EmbedCompositeDiagrams If set to true, composite diagrams will be directly attached to the parent tracker item (instead of creating a corresponding tracker a item for the diagram). This settings only accounts for diagrams exported via "Attach Diagrams to codebeamer tracker". Default is false. true or false
DiagramImageFileExtension Configures the image format that is used for the extraction of diagram images. Default is png. png, jpg, bmp
AddDiagramNotesToDescription Enables to export of diagram notes to the description of the diagram work item in codebeamer. Default is false. true or false

Token Refresh Time Buffer in Seconds

For all Open ID Connect server configurations there is special setting, which can only be set directly in the config.json and not in the Server Configuration Dialog (Credentials for the codebeamer Server):


Setting Meaning Allowed Values
TokenRefreshTimeBufferInMinutes When using an OIDC authentication, LemonTree.Connect has to request a token from the server. A token usually has a defined validity period. For longer data transfers, LemonTree.Connect automatically refreshes the token before it becomes invalid. However in some cases, operations can take too long before LemonTree.Connect is able to get a new token. The configured number is to have a buffer time to ensure a token is requested before LemonTree.Connect runs into a timeout. Any positive number, which is should be smaller as the token validity period.

Recommended is 5 or 10.