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Release 2.5.x

You can check, if you have installed the latest version. For more information, check the guide in the FAQs:  Check for latest version

Release Date

  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.5.1 was released on October 24th, 2022.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.5.0 was released on July 8th, 2022.


New required tracker field

Starting with codebeamer Connector 2.5.0, all codebeamer trackers need to also have a custom field named "ea_guid" (without the quotes).

For more info, please refer to this page: Export of Diagrams to codebeamer

What's New

Summary Description Version
Relocation of Obsolete Items Elements were not relocated from Obsolete items when they were restored in the exported package 2.5.1
Suppress Update available information Add config option to suppress the "Update available" information 2.5.1
Support for Enterprise Architect 16 The release 2.5.0 now supports Enterprise Architect 16 both 32 and 64 Bit version. 2.5.0
Support of QEAX Files The release 2.5.0 now supports the new Enterprise Architect project format QEAX. 2.5.0
Support for codebeamer version 22.04 (codename "Felicity") The release 2.5.0 now officially supports version 22.04 of codebeamer. 2.5.0
"Attach Diagrams to codebeamer Tracker" menu The structure of the menu items was changed. "Export Diagrams to codebeamer" was renamed to "Attach Diagrams to codebeamer Tracker" and is now only available in the context of an import package. 2.5.0

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Obsolete Item case sensitiv The check for the Obsolete Items container in codebeamer was case sensitiv and is now ignore any case 2.5.1
Wrong parent of item set It specific cases, the connector tried to update the parent to an element from a different tracker (when the package was exported to multiple trackers) 2.5.1
Stereotype doesn't get removed on import Changed Stereotype in codebeamer is not updated in Enterprise Architect after import 2.5.1
Long export with OpenIdConnect fails With OIDC as authentication long running exports could fail 2.5.1
Diagram Export Issues Top-level diagrams are now properly processed. Also fixed an issue related to delete detection for diagrams. 2.5.0
Diagram duplication on Import Attached diagrams no longer get duplicated on import. 2.5.0
Duplicate name of exported diagrams removed Tracker items of exported diagrams contained the name in the summary and embedded into the description. 2.5.0
Custom stereotypes not updating correctly Element stereotypes now get updated correctly when using custom stereotypes. 2.5.0
Compatibility with LemonTree Addin The codebeamer plugin could not be used with the new version 3.3.x of the LemonTree Addin 2.5.0
Attribute mappings could be M:N Already used attribute mappings do not appear in the list of available attributes anymore. 2.5.0
Select default server in configuration dialog The server which was set to default was not selected when opening the server configuration dialog 2.5.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Peformance with active API throttling codebeamer 21.09 introduces API throttling, which is active by default (for more details, please refer to the official documentation here: API Throttling default value). This severely negatively impacts the performance when exporting data. 2.5.x
Colors in formatted notes of exported elements are not supported If elements from EA with formatted notes (bullet lists, numberings, bold text, etc.) are exported, colors are not considered in the description field of the tracker items in codebeamer. This is due to a restriction in codebeamer. 2.5.x
Delete detection during import When importing elements from codebeamer to EA, the connector does currently not detect elements that were removed in codebeamer. In a future release this feature will be implemented similiar as the "Obsolete Items" mechanism for exports. 2.5.x
Order of elements not considered during export The current release does not replicate the order of elements from EA in codebeamer. 2.5.x
QEA format not supported The new QEA format is not supported, please use QEAX. (See Why does LemonTree.Connect not work with the QEA file format?) 2.5.x