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Release 2.3.x

Release Date

  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.3.2 was released on October 29th, 2021.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.3.1 was released on August 31th, 2021.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.3.0 was an internal release.


New required tracker field

Starting with codebeamer Connector 2.3.1, all codebeamer trackers used as an export target need to also have an additional custom field named "my_uml_type" (without the quotes).

For more info, please refer to this page: Configure a codebeamer Tracker for Export of EA Elements


codebeamer Version Restriction

The versions 2.3.x of the EA Connector for codebeamer only support codebeamer version 10 and higher.

The minimum supported version of codebeamer is version 9.5.
If you want to use codebeamer version 9.5, please use the older version 2.0.5 of the EA Connector for codebeamer: Release 2.0

For more information on the compatibility of codebeamer / Retina versions and versions of the connector, please refer to the System Requirements

What's New

Summary Description Version
Ordering on Export Deactivated In a previous version, we introduced ordering of exported TrackerItems. Unfortunately, this feature has a significant negative impact on performance, and artificially inflates the number of shown changes before the export. Due to these aspects, this feature is deactivated until further notice. 2.3.2
Easier usage of SysML Types SysML Types are now much more convenient to use. SysML specific type mappings have been introduced as well as SysML Mapping Templates for import and export. For more information, please go here: Mapping Configuration#SysMLElementTypes 2.3.1
Export of Diagrams as dedicated tracker items Diagrams will now be exported as dedicated tracker items, including the the diagram images as attachment. 2.3.1
Formatted EA notes are exported to codebeamer Formatted EA notes will be now properly displayed with markdown in the tracker item description (except for the color). 2.3.1
Multiple codebeamer servers can be configured It is now possible to configure multiple codebeamer servers (with either user name and password authentication or OIDC authentication) and define a default server. 2.3.1
Navigation links are no longer created with a full path Previously, the connector created the navigation hyperlinks in codebeamer with a full local path (from the user that started the export). Now the connector will only use the name of the EA project that was used for the export. 2.3.1
Support of additional attributes  Additional attributes were added to the Attribute Mapping Dialog: Alias, Classifier, Lower Bound, SimpleType, Stereotype, Upper Bound. For more information on the mapping of these attributes, read the guide "Mapping Configuration". 2.3.1
Support of codebeamer version 21.04 codebeamer version 21.04 is now officially supported. 2.3.1
Support of custom fields for importing subject links  It is now possible to import trace links to EA, which are stored in custom fields (not only the standard "Subject" field).  2.3.1
Support of Open ID Connect (KeyCloak) It is now possible to use Open ID Connect (OIDC) to authenticate at a codebeamer server.  2.3.1

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Exception on export of <font> tags When exporting, specific html tags in an elements description in the Enterprise Architect model data could lead to an unhandled exception. Such data is now handled properly. 2.3.2
Endless server configuration save requests When switching between a credential-based and an OpenIdConnect-based server configuration, the save question would be repeated endlessly. 2.3.2
1-Letter-Password The authentication dialog now also accepts 1-letter passwords. We still wouldn't recommend those, though. 2.3.2
Default name for exported elements without a name All elements that were exported from EA without a name, received a default name. Now those elements will have the name "–" (since empty names are not allowed). 2.3.1
Deleted elements during export to codebeamer are not detected on the root level During export to codebeamer, the connector is now capable of detecting elements that were deleted in EA.
To use this feature, please refere to this guide:  Detect deleted elements from EA during Export to codebeamer
Diagrams Are Always Counted as Added and Deleted During export, all considered diagrams were counted as added and deleted. This issue is fixed now 2.3.1
Import: Placeholder mechanism destroys existing EA elements Under certain circumstances, existing elements could be replaced by placeholders during an import. The placeholder mechanism has been fixed. 2.3.1
Mapping config is destroyed when trace link config is incomplete If the trace link config was incomplete (only the EA link type set) and the config was saved, an invalid config was saved, which destroyed the mapping and prevent the user from opening the mapping UI. 2.3.1
Notes with special characters and umlauts are always detected as changed If elements with special characters or umlauts were exported, the connector always indicated changes for those elements. The change detection has been fixed. 2.3.1
Subject is not overwritten during export from EA if more than one subject was already set in codeBeamer If the subject in codebeamer was modified and multiple subject links were added, the connector did not update and overwrite the subject link with the actual trace link value from EA. 2.3.1
Subject links are not written, when EA Trace Connectors from EA 15 are used Depending on the EA version that was used to create a trace link, the connector might not be considered during the export of the traceability. This issue cannot be fixed, but it is now possible to use either the "old" trace linke (EA version 15.1 and lower) or the current trace link (EA version 15.2 and higher). See "Mapping Configuration" for details. 2.3.1
Trace-Links to other trackers are not exported It was not possible to export trace links, which were pointing to other elements that are also exported to codebeamer. 2.3.1

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Colors in formatted notes of exported elements are not supported If elements from EA with formatted notes (bullet lists, numberings, bold text, etc.) are exported, colors are not considered in the description field of the tracker items in codebeamer. This is due to a restriction in codebeamer. 2.3.1
Delete detection during import When importing elements from codebeamer to EA, the connector does currently not detect elements that were removed in codebeamer. In a future release this feature will be implemented similiar as the "Obsolete Items" mechanism for exports. 2.3.1
Order of elements causes unclear change counts during an export  The current release replicates the order of elements from EA in codebeamer. However, this can lead to changes being indicated, when there might not changes prior to the export. 2.3.1