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Release 2.1.x

Release Date

  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.1.3 was released on  November 2nd, 2020.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.1.2 was released on  October 2nd, 2020.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.1.1 was released on  July 23rd, 2020.
  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.1.0 was released on  May 14th, 2020.


codeBeamer Version Restriction

The versions 2.1.x of the EA Connector for codebeamer only support codebeamer version 10 and version 10.1.

The minimum supported version of codebeamer is version 9.5.
If you want to use codebeamer version 9.5, please use the older version 2.0.5 of the EA Connector for codebeamer: Release 2.0

For more information on the compatibility of codebeamer / Retina versions and versions of the connector, please refere to the System Requirements

What's New

Summary Description Version
Extended logging To help us with the analysis of an issue, we introduced the "extended logging mode". In this mode, all loggers are set to the level "Debug" for the current session (until EA is closed). Also, all calls from the codebeamer REST API are logged in detail. 2.1.3
Mapping UI improvements Several aspects of the Mapping UI were improved, f.e. a filter functionality was added for all lists (projects, trackers, etc.) and the list are now sorted alphabetically.   2.1.3
Inform user about new release If a new release of the connector is available, the user will be informed in the EA menu with a new menu entry called "Update available". 2.1.3
Extended list of supported UML Types The list of UML Types, which can be used in the Type Mapping for EA was extended. Since our technology is based on UML, we also use the UML names of the element types. Please see the Mapping Table of EA to UML Types for more details: Differences between EA and UML Element Types 2.1.3
Export Logfiles A new EA menu was introduced, which exports all the log files the connector is writing. 2.1.2
Check codebeamer version in "Server Settings" dialog If you use the "Test Connection" button in the "Server Settings" dialog, the codebeamer server version is checked for a supported version.  2.1.2
Floating license as default license type If the license management dialog is started, the license type "floating" is selected as default. 2.1.1
Support of codebeamer version 10 codebeamer version 10 is now supported. 2.1.0

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Duplicate field definition causes EA crash The configuration of a tracker, which has duplicate field definitions, led to a crash of EA. According to Intland this is not supported and should be fixed. Please see the guide Configure a codebeamer Tracker for Import of codebeamer Elements for more details. 2.1.3
Setting of tracker item type doesn't work on export During export, the setting of the tracker item type (field "Categories") was not working properly. 2.1.3
Mapping UI does not offer codebeamer type values There was an issue with fetching the available codebeamer tracker item types (from the field "Categories"). 2.1.3
Mapping UI doesn't recognize requirements with custom stereotypes There was an issue in the mapping UI, when reading a custom created stereotype for the element type "Requirement". 2.1.3
Re-export of model to codebeamer fails The re-export of models to codebeamer with version 10.1 didn't work. 2.1.2
Wrong text in license dialog If a floating license was applied in the license dialog (instead of applying it on the RLM server) the EA plugin indicated that the provided licenses was not a LemonTree license. 2.1.1
Tracker package name wasn't updated properly The name of the package, which represents the tracker after an import was not updated accordingly in the EA database. After a reload of the EA project, you could still see the previous package name. Once the package was selected, the name was refreshed and the name of the tracker was displayed. 2.1.1
Import to SQL-based EA Repositories failed If an EA Repository, hosted on an SQL Server was used for importing data from codebeamer, the operation failed. 2.1.1
Mapping UI shows wrong direction of sync If you started an export to codebeamer for the first time, the Mapping UI opened and the radio button "Import" was pre-selected. 2.1.0
Moved diagram gets duplicated in codebeamer If a diagram in codebeamer was moved in EA and then exported to codebeamer, the attachment image was duplicated in codebeamer. 2.1.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Import to SQL EA Repositories  The import into EA projects, which are stored on SQL databases, is not supported.
→ This issue was resolved in the release 2.1.1