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Export of Diagrams to codebeamer

The Connector will automatically export all diagrams that are contained in the package which is used for the export.
Diagrams will be exported as own dedicated tracker item along with the diagram image, which well be added as attachment. The diagram image will be embedded into the "Description" field, in order to see the diagram in the document view:

EA codebeamer


Top-Level Diagrams

Please note that top-level diagrams (directly under the package configured for export) are currently not exported.

To inlcude Diagrams in the export to codebeamer, simply check the "Export Diagrams" checkbox in theĀ Mapping Configuration.

Attach Diagrams elements that originate from codebeamer

It is also possible to attach diagrams to tracker items, by creating a corresponding diagram tracker item in a separate step, with the menu Specialize > codebeamer Connector > Attach Diagrams to codebeamer Tracker. This is useful if you want to enhance the description of f.e. requirements, which were imported to EA. You can add diagrams to imported requirements and export them as tracker items to codebeamer to represent the diagrams from EA.