Export of Traceablity Links between codebeamer Requirements and EA Architecture Elements

Depending on the mapping configuration, traceability links will be written to codebeamer.

In the mapping configuration dialog, you can choose a specific type of dependencies used in the Enterprise Architect model, which will be recognized as traceability links and transferred to codebeamer as such.

This setting is done via the "EA Connector for Trace Link" and the "codebeamer Field for Trace Link in the configuration dialog:


With this setup, you can now link elements you want to export to ones you have imported from a different tracker.

For example, with a model setup like this:

example Model

An export of the Class "Class" will result in these codebeamer Settings:


The traceability link is established via the entry (or multiple entries) in the configured trace field in codebeamer.

The EA model used for the demo can be downloaded here: