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Release 2.6.x

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Release Date

  • LemonTree.Connect codebeamer version 2.6.0 was released on May 9th, 2023.

What's New

Summary Description Version
Rebranding to LemonTree.Connect From this release on, the codebeamer Connector will now be called "LemonTree.Connect codebeamer" 2.6.0
Elements from Deployment Diagram added Elements from the Deployment Diagram Toolbox such as Nodes, Devices, etc. are now officially supported in the Mapping Configuration Dialog. 2.6.0
Attach composite diagrams to tracker item If a diagram is set as composite diagram of an element, the diagram image will be attached to the tracker item instead of creating a new tracker item for the diagram. This is only done when using the menu "Attach diagram to codebeamer tracker". This can be configured in the addin configuration.
See Export of Diagrams to codebeamer and EA Addin Configuration for more details.
Support loading of multiple link mappings in mapping UI It is possible to define mapping configurations with multiple trace link mappings defined. This can be achieved by changing the XML file directly.
See Use multiple Link Mappings for more details.

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Problem with Windows 11 and SSL/TLS For some connections, using Windows 11 caused a problem with SSL/TLS. 2.6.0
Approved and locked diagram tracker items in codebeamer could be updated Tracker items of exported diagrams that were locked (f.e. because they were in the status approved) could be updated by an export from LemonTree.Connect. An error message is now displayed and the element is not updated. 2.6.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Peformance with active API throttling codebeamer 21.09 introduces API throttling, which is active by default (for more details, please refer to the official documentation here: API Throttling default value). This severely negatively impacts the performance when exporting data. 2.6.x
Colors in formatted notes of exported elements are not supported If elements from EA with formatted notes (bullet lists, numberings, bold text, etc.) are exported, colors are not considered in the description field of the tracker items in codebeamer. This is due to a restriction in codebeamer. 2.6.x
Delete detection during import When importing elements from codebeamer to EA, the connector does currently not detect elements that were removed in codebeamer. In a future release this feature will be implemented similiar as in LemonTree.Connect Polarion with a deleted stereotype. 2.6.x
Order of elements not considered during export The current release does not replicate the order of elements from EA in codebeamer. 2.6.x
QEA format not supported The new QEA format is not supported, please use QEAX. (See Why does LemonTree.Connect not work with the QEA file format?) 2.6.x