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Release 2.2.x

Release Date

  • EA Connector for codebeamer version 2.2.0 was released on February 26th, 2021.


codeBeamer Version Restriction

The versions 2.2.x of the EA Connector for codebeamer only support codebeamer version 10 and higher.

The minimum supported version of codebeamer is version 9.5.
If you want to use codebeamer version 9.5, please use the older version 2.0.5 of the EA Connector for codebeamer: Release 2.0

For more information on the compatibility of codebeamer / Retina versions and versions of the connector, please refer to the System Requirements

What's New

Summary Description Version
Support of codebeamer version 20.11 codebeamer version 20.11 is now officially supported. 2.2.0
Export Trace Links to Custom Reference Fields It is now possible to export a trace link to custom reference field in codebeamer. If the field is of type "Choice" and used "Tracker Items" as valid elements, the field will be provided in the configuration UI for trace fields. 2.2.0
Detect deleted elements during export to codebeamer During export to codebeamer, the connector is now capable of detecting elements that were deleted in EA.
To use this feature, please refere to this guide:  Detect deleted elements from EA during Export to codebeamer
Load mapping templates from additional path  Due to possible restrictions to edit / add files in the Program Files folder, the connector now also loads mapping templates from the locations:


To create custom mapping templates, check out the guide "Create custom mapping templates"

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
codebeamer Import writes integer trackerItem ID as ea_guid The connector now writes proper EA GUIDs for elements that are created during an import. Before, the tracker item IDs were used, which caused problems when exporting packages via XMI.
If you run an import for an EA project, that contains already imported elements with a previous version of the connector, the IDs of all elements will be migrated. You will therefore see a lot of elements that are indicated as changed and deleted. This only happens the first time the connector encounters “old” IDs.
Order of imported elements is not replicated If a tracker was imported to EA, the order of tracker items was not replicated in EA. 2.2.0
Addin doesn't work if I start EA as an Admin If EA was started as admin, the codebeamer addin was not loaded and showed the infamous error "Error missing". 2.2.0
Newly mapped attributes are not added during import If an import mapping configuration for a package was extended and new attributes mappings were added, the new attributes (tagged values) were not added during updates.   2.2.0
Export of tagged values mapped to custom choice fields doesn't work If a tagged value from EA was mapped to a custom choice field of codebeamer, the fields were not set correctly during export. 2.2.0
Status value of EA Requirement isn't displayed properly in EA If the status of EA requirements is used for import mappings, EA does not visualize the status value propery. To fix this, use a specific mapping, which is described here: Mapping the Status Property of EA Requirements 2.2.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Connector Type "trace" not working as Trace Link for EA 15.2 Since EA 15.2, "trace" connectors are stored as "Dependency" instead of "Abstraction" in the EA database. Therefore, the mapping entry "Trace" does not work for configuring the trace link type. As a workaround, use the type "Dependency" instead. 2.2.0
Detection of deleted elements not working for root level elements If elements, which are located at the root level (= the package that is used to start the export to codebeamer) are deleted in EA, those elements are not detected as deleted and therefor not moved to "Obsolete Items". 2.2.0