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Before comparing models, LemonTree performs a consistency check. The purpose of this check is to determine if there are irregularities in the models, which potentially impact the comparison or the merge of the models.

Why is LemonTree reporting Inconsistencies?

Due to the inner workings of Enterprise Architect, nearly every Enterprise Architect model will contain inconsistencies sooner or later.
In most cases, this is not due to user error, but rather a consequence of one or more of the following:

  • Using different versions of Enterprise Architect to edit the same model
  • Importing model data via the XMI Import functionality of Enterprise Architect
  • Bugs in Enterpise Architect

What is the Impact of these Inconsistencies?

While these inconsistencies may have a small impact on the compare/merge process, they will not significantly alter the results of either.

Where Can I find more Info on the Inconsistencies?

For more details, please refer to the available sub-pages.