LemonTree.Automation.exe svgexport --model={modelPath} --diagramdirectory={outDirectory} [--filenamepattern={0|1|2}]
Argument Description Required
--model The source 'Model' to be copied. Yes
--DiagramDirectory The 'Diagram Directory' will be used to export the SVG diagrams. Directory needs to exist. Yes
--FilenamePattern Naming pattern for exported diagrams. 0 = guid (default), 1 = path, 2 = combined No

Powershell Example:

This exports all diagrams from "model.eap" as SVG files into current subfolder "out". Each diagram will be named according to it's full EA path.

LemonTree.Automation.exe svgexport --model=model.eap --diagramdirectory=.\out --filenamepattern=1
echo Exitcode $LASTEXITCODE