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Feature Description

This is a list of features LemonTree.Automation has implemented. Click on a link to see details. All commands and options are case-insensitive.

Diff (Improved)

Merge (Improved)




SvgExport (New)

Modeltransfer (New)


All commands can be extended with a --license option to ensure a specific license is being used. This option takes either an folder or a .lic-file directly.

If a folder is specified, the first found .lic license is used. For more information on licenses please check the License section or contact

Exit codes

The following exit codes can be produced by LemonTree.Automation:

Some consoles only use postive numbers between 0 and 255 as exit codes, in those cases -2 and -1 are converted to 254 or 255 respectively.

Exit Code Windows Exit Code Linux Description
-2 254 General Error handled during application execution
-1 255 Error during parsing of command line parameters.
0 0 Command completed successfully.
2 2 Internal Error when diffing. Please report such errors to
3 3 Models can not be merged automatically. Typically this indicates that there are conflicts which could not be resolved.
5 5 Error during QuickPublish- most likely wrong GUID
6 6 Error with license (see Chapter Licensing)
9 9 Out file could not be written.
10 10 Out file and model have the same name → Danger to override the model
11 11 Error on import.
14 14 Error on publish.