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Release 1.3.x

This release brings improvements in speed and stability.

In addition, we have implemented the following improvements:

  • Dependencies of changes: When the user is manually changing the merge result, dependencies of changes are now considered as well.
  • The order of swim lanes is now correct after merge.
  • SVN integration is now more robust: The SVN hooks are not used anymore.
  • Git Integration: Bug fixed when writing model.
  • Problems with ports and their types (classifier + redefined port) are solved.
  • Better logging.
  • Additional UI fixes.


TortoiseSVN integration changed. Make sure to read TortoiseSVN Integration (Version 2.6 or older) for more information.

Known issues in 1.3.787.6

Merge-Buttons in toolbar don't work

The merge-buttons in the toolbar are without function. Please use the merge buttons in the tree view, as described in Getting started with LemonTree.

Some dependencies are not correctly identified

When overriding the merge preselection, there's a chance that required elements are not always taken into account, potentially leading to elements without owners or other existential references. There is also a chance that writing the merged model leads to errors.

Effect of opaque action is not written

The effect of opaque actions from activities, also called atomic actions, is not written to the database. This issue is present from 1.0 onwards.