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Report an Issue

If you encounter an issue while using LemonTree, please report it by sending an e-mail to

Please include the following in your E-Mail:

  • The Log-Files produced by LemonTree
  • (If applicable) Tool name and version of the used version control system

Getting the LemonTree Log Files

There are two ways to obtain the log-files produced by LemonTree - via LemonTree itself, or directly via the file browser.

Via LemonTree

  • Start LemonTree
  • Click on the "burger menu" in the top left
  • Click on "Export Logs"

Via the File Explorer

  • Navigate to the folder %appdata%/LieberLieber/LemonTree
  • Create a Zip archive of the logs folder

Determining the used Version Control System (VCS) Version

The following table shows you how to determine the version in commonly used version control systems:

Tool Name Instructions
TortoiseGit/TortoiseSvn - Open Context Menu in Windows Explorer
- Go to "TortoiseGit" → "About"
- The Version is shown as the first line in the "Version Information" box at the bottom of the dialog
SmartGit - Start SmartGit
- Open the menu option "Help" → "About SmartGit"
- Switch to Tab "Information"
- The Version is shown as the first row
SourceTree - Start SourceTree
- Open the menu option "Help" → "About SourceTree"
- The Version is shown in the middle, below the copyright