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Resolving Inconsistencies

This guide will take you through the necessary steps to resolve all possible inconsistencies.

LemonTree is currently able to detect a number of inconsistencies which do not have a clear-cut solution available (yet).
While we are working on ensuring that your model is inconsistency-free, you might have to accept the detection of some inconsistencies in your model for the foreseeable future.

Run the Enterprise Architect Integrity Check

Enterprise Architect's built-in Integrity Check is able to resolve a good chunk of all inconsistencies detected by LemonTree. For more details on the Integrity Check, please visit this page:

Resolving Inconsistencies via the Enterprise Architect Integrity Check

Merge the Model to trigger the automatic Resolution of Inconsistencies

LemonTree automatically resolves all inconsistencies it is able to when writing a model. For more information on this mechanism, please refer to this page:

Automatic Resolution of Inconsistencies During Merge

Determine the remaining inconsistencies

To continue on with resolving the inconsistencies, we first need to determine which inconsistencies are left. 

The most efficient way to determine the remaining inconsistencies depends on the version of LemonTree you are using.

LemonTree 2.5+

Run the Inconsistency Check from the Enterprise Architect Addin

LT 2.4.1 or lower

  • Diff the model against an empty file, such as this one: EABase.eap
  • Wait for the Inconsistencies warning to pop up
  • Click on the "Details" button

Resolve Stereotype Inconsistencies

If you're using LemonTree 2.4 or above, you may notice that lots of inconsistencies related to stereotypes are reported.

If that's the case, the stereotype assignments in your Enterprise Architect model need to be cleaned up a bit.

For more details on how to do so, please see this page:

Resolving Stereotype Inconsistencies

Manually resolve Inconsistencies

Any remaining inconsistencies cannot be resolved automatically by the current tools described in this article, and must be resolved manually instead.

All available information on manually resolving inconsistencies can be found here: 

Manually Resolving Inconsistencies