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Resolving Stereotype Inconsistencies

If you're using LemonTree 2.4 or above, you may notice that lots of inconsistencies related to stereotypes are reported.

If that's the case, the stereotype assignments in your Enterprise Architect model need to be cleaned up a bit.

Tool for fixing stereotype issues

We provide a commandline tool that creates a new model out of an .eap model and fixes the stereotype issues by reassigning them.

You can download it here: EA Fix Stereotype Attachments

QEA(x) Support

The tool currently only supports all EA project formats for EA versions 15.2 and lower. In order fix stereotype inconsistencies in QEA(x) files, please convert the file to an EAP(x) and run the tool.

The support for SQLite based project files is an open task, which is in progress.

How to Use

The model must be free of element locks and VCS locks so the tool can do it's work. The diagrams themselves can stay locked.

Make sure required profiles are active in EA prior to running EaFixStereotypeAttachments.exe.

Unzip the .zip file to a folder on your harddrive. The folder contains another folder "EA Fix Stereotype Attachments", which in turn contains the actual program.

The program is a command line tool called "EaFixStereotypeAttachments.exe".

To Invoke it, call it from the command line, with the full path to the model as the only parameter.


EaFixStereotypeAttachments.exe C:\Temp\Test.eap