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Release 2.2.x


LemonTree 2.2 has some new features described below and improved stability/performance (also see Performance and Memory).

LemonTree 2.2.0 was released on June 11, 2019.

LemonTree 2.2.1 was released on June 27, 2019.

What's New

(green star) New Feature      (star) Non-Critical Bugfix      (red star) Critical Bugfix

Issue Description Version
(green star) Diagram Representation → Element dependencies Diagram Representations and their elements have a strong dependency. That led to the case, when renaming the element and deleting its Diagram Representation, the Diagram Representation was not deleted in the Merge Preview.
We weakened that relationship so that in this case the Diagram Representation now gets deleted.
(star) Take Subtree Buttons disabled In LemonTree 2.2.0 it was only possible to click  on a "Take Subtree" button once since it was disabled afterwards. We fixed that. 2.2.1
(green star) Testing LemonTree now supports Testing (Shortcut in EA: "Alt + 3"). 2.2.0
(green star) BPMN The Diagram Viewer now visualizes BPMN ShapeScripts. 2.2.0
(green star) Offline Floating Licenses LemonTree now supports Offline Floating Licenses. 2.2.0
(green star) Performance Especially the preparation of the UI has a significant performance gain. 2.2.0
(green star) Diagram representations "Taking over" of diagram representations (and complete look of the diagram) can now be done using the Diagram Viewer. 2.2.0
(green star) Profiles LemonTree now also reads profiles from the MDG folders to be able to group the Tagged Values to the profiles in the Property Viewer. Also visualizing of ShapeScripts is made possible by that. Currently BPMN is visualized. More profiles like "Archimate", "ToGAF", ... will follow. 2.2.0
(red star) Constraints of Messages Constraints of messages in Sequence Diagrams are now diffed & merged by LemonTree. 2.2.0
(red star) Custom properties of ActionPins Custom properties of ActionPins are now supported by LemonTree.
(star) Movement in circles When elements get moved in circles (like parent of a subelement in A is the subelement of it in B) LemonTree Tree Browser had difficulties on displaying. This is fixed. 2.2.0
(star) Link to composite diagram Under some circumstances the link to composite diagram was not correctly recognized by LemonTree. This is now fixed. 2.2.0
(star) Error handling We introduced better understandable error messages. 2.2.0

Known issues

  • SaveFileDialog prompts twice when overriding a file (for example file dialog "Start Merge" and selecting an existing file). That does not happen on Windows builds prior to 10.0.17763. It seems to be a bug in .NET.

  • N-ary associations with navigability are not supported properly.

  • Multiplicity properties (Upper bound, Lower bound, ...) of parameters of interactions of sequence diagrams are not diffed/written.

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Default diagram
  • Project Tasks/Issues (Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)"
  • EA Security: Configure → Security