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For every release of LemonTree, we run a set of tests with different test-models to examine the change of both the memory consumption and the total diff/merge times. Below you can find links to a description of our test cases and measurement methods.

The latest test results can be found here.

As shown by the test results, our goal is to continuously both improve the performance and decrease the memory consumption of LemonTree.
Nevertheless, changes to the supported feature-set may impact both performance and memory consumption negatively. The Remarks section under the test results notes such changes.

Test Case Description

The test results provided on this page are based on a fixed set of test models, which we diff with every released version of LemonTree.

Details on the used test models can be found here:

Test Case Description

Measurement Methods

To understand the measurement methods we have used to compile this data or conduct measurements on your own model for a comparison, please refer to this page:

Measurement Methods

By applying our measurement methods to your own models, you can calculate comparison values to approximate how LemonTree will perform for your models based on the data below.

Latest test results

4.0 or Newer