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Configure the Polarion Server for Projects with a large number of elements

When reading multiple thousand elements the Polarion server can get overwhelmed if to little memory is allocated. Also, the amount of elements returned by a query can be limited, which restricts LemonTree in reading the entire project.

We experienced issues with projects containing more then 100.000 elements. This can be solved by increasing the Polarion server memory allocation and also increase the number of elements allowed to be returned by a query.

How to Increase the Java Allocation Memory on the Polarion Server

  1. On the Polarion server, go to [POLARION_HOME] which is by default:
  2. Open the file polarion.ini.
  3. Find the two lines starting with -Xms1g, where 1g stands for 1 gigabyte.
  4. Edit both, use something appropriate like -Xms4g (which is 4 gb).
  5. Stop the Polarion service in the Task Manager/Services tab.
  6. Open a cmd line with administrative privileges and uninstall the current service using the command:
    services.bat -uninstall
  7. Reinstall the service using:
    services.bat -install
    Please note that if the command fails, you should delete the file polarion_services.exe manually, then re-run the install command again.
  8. In the Task Manager/Services restart the Polarion service. You may have to close and reopen the Task Manager in order to see the Polarion service again.
  9. After restarting the service ypu have to wait for some time, because indexing is running.

Increase the Number of Elements allowed to be returned by a Query

If your project contains more than 100.000 items, you should increase the default value. You must have access to the server's file system in order to do so and you need to restart the Polarion service afterwards. This includes a downtime of the service.

  1. On polarion server, go to [POLARION_HOME] which is by default:
  2. Goto sub directory configuration.
  3. Open file
  4. If not exists in file, add this line at the end of the document:
  5. You must restart the Polarion service after the changes were saved (go to the Task Manager -> Services -> "Polarion" (and restart it)).

Siemens Resources

Please refer to the following Siemens resources to learn more about how to adjust the memory allocation, the memory limit and the limit of Lucene/DB Query Limits: