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Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements

It is possible to create a reference between an element and the diagrams, which are visualizing this element. This diagram usage can be represented by a work item link role in Polarion. For this to work, the diagram that visualizes the element has to be exported to Polarion, along with the used element. If you only export the element but not the diagram (or vice versa), the diagram usage reference will not be created.

To export diagram usage references, you have to either use an existing link role or create a new one. This link role has to be mapped to a property called #visibleOn in the Export Mapping.

For Example:

            <externalProperty name='_objectType' value='class'/>
            <myumlProperty name='_objectType' value='Class'/>
            <property external='title' myuml='Name'/>
            <property external='visibleOn' myuml='#VisibleOn'/>

This mapping rule exports a class to Polarion by creating a custom work item of type class. For the class, the EA property Name is exported to the Polarion field title. Additionally, the diagrams using this element will be referenced using the defined link role visibleOn.

Using the LemonTree.Connect Project Template

If you use the LemonTree.Connect project template the link role "visibleOn" will be pre-configured.